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Waiting Room & Wobble Chair

Figure 1. Waiting room and Therapeutic Wobble Chair.

Our office uses the most up-to-date technologies to record and secure medical information, including our self check-in software.

Therapeutic Wobble chair - A daily regimen of 5-8 minutes full range of motion exercise are absolutely essential for daily metabolic interchange, nutrition intake and elimination of waste products in order to maintain healthy well-hydrated spinal discs, ligaments and tendons. (The Aging Lumbar Spine, Bernini P.M.D. et al. Saunders, 1982)

Adjusting Table/ Omni Table

Figure 2. Adjusting Room.

Adjustment room with Omni Elevation Drop Table. Dr. Joo utilized CBP, Gonstead, Quantum Neurology technique and Kinesio Taping Methods to restore proper alignment, relieve pain, and improve function.

Traction & Chiropractic BioPhysics

Figure 3. Traction Room.

Dr. Joo utilizes the 3D Denneroll table, Target Force Traction Equipment and Cervical Extension Traction to correct the abnormal curvature of the spine.

Report of Finding

Figure 4-1. Report of Finding Room.

tv and posters

Figure 4-2. Report of Finding Room.

certificate Figure 4-3. Report of Finding Room.

Dr. Joo graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic and is certified in a variety of Chiropractic technique and he will individualize your care to get the maximum results for your specific conditions.

massage table Figure 5. Muscle Stimulator and Intersegmental Traction Table.

The Mettler 4 Channel Combo and Intersegmental Traction Table are used to relieve pains.

High Frequency x-ray Figure 6. The Summit 42kW High Frequency X-ray system. Digital X-ray Figure 7. The Fuji Computed Radiograph

Our state-of-the-art image processing system from the Fuji enhances and optimizes the diagnostic quality of digital radiographic images far exceeding that of conventional film. Digital images are available within seconds and offer exceptional, consistent image quality while preserving diagnostic detail. In addition, these images offer enhanced fine detail and soft-tissue contrast with better compensation for thick body parts. This is allow us to provide better, safer patient care.

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